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Who is Jemena?
Jemena is your local electricity distributor. We build, operate and maintain all your local electricity infrastructure including poles, wires and substations. Learn more about all the services we provide here:

What is Jemena Rewards?
Jemena rewards you for taking simple challenges to reduce your electricity usage during peak usage times on very hot days on your local electricity network.

How does it work?
As a member, you earn reward points for taking a range of challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more reward points you earn.

How do I earn reward points?
Once you have successfully registered, you will immediately be able to start earning points by taking part in a range of energy challenges.

You'll automatically earn points upon completing a challenge – it's that simple. Participate in three different types of challenges: 'learn and earn', 'take an action' or 'participate in a Power Changers Challenge'. The more challenges you complete, the more you earn.

What browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer 9 and above, along with the most recent and stable versions of Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.
The app for iOS requires iOS 10 and above.
The app for Android requires Android 4.2 and above.

How can I sign up if I don't have the internet?
To help minimise paper waste, Jemena Rewards is available online through desktop browsers and the app for iOS and Android Phone. Our customer support team is available to activate accounts for non-internet enabled residents. Members can also use a computer at work, at a friend’s or neighbour’s house or local library.

How do I update my home address?
All you need to do is contact our customer support team and we’ll update your account details with your new home address.

If at any stage you attempt to copy, manipulate or alter a reward or are found to have redeemed a reward voucher on multiple occasions, Jemena reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account.
Power Changers Challenge

What is a “Power Changers Challenge”?
A Power Changers Challenge will be available typically when it’s hot and the network is under strain.  You’ll receive notification 48 hours, 24 hours and then 2 hours before a Power Changers Challenge. To be successful in these challenges and earn 2000 points all you need to do is keep your electricity usage under Target for the Challenge time period. In order to participate make sure that before the event:
1) You’ve completed your registration by providing your NMI (the 11 digit number found on your electricity bill that starts with 6001); and
2) You’ve accepted the challenge by pressing ‘Earn points’ in the Jemena app or portal prior to the event
What will happen during a Power Changers Challenge?
On the night before the Power Changers Challenge you will receive an email with simple tips to help you reduce your electricity usage during the Challenge window. These might be making sure you pull down blinds and awnings, increase your air conditioner temperature setting a couple of degrees, pre-cool your house or plan to use energy intensive appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher outside of the Challenge window. 
During a Challenge you will be able to track your progress in the app or the portal including a Projection of whether or not you’re likely to stay under Target and how much you’ve used so far. 
(Note that there will be a lag of between 30-60 mins for data to update) 

How is my Target set?
On hot days households typically use more power than they do on non-hot days, exactly how much more you use is where your Target comes in. Your Target is set as a multiple of your household’s typical usage for the same time window (e.g. 4pm-7pm) on a non-Power Changers Challenge day based on the average of the most recent 10 eligible days. Your Target is calculated for your total electricity usage over the whole Challenge window but you’ll see it shown for simplicity on the graph as a straight line target for each 30 minute time interval. 
So does that mean if I go over the Target for some of the time I can still succeed in the Challenge?
Yes, even if you go over the Target for some of the 3 hour window you might still be able to successfully complete the Challenge. Your Target is calculated for your total electricity usage over the whole Challenge window so even if you do go over the Target for a 30 minute interval, as long as you’re far enough under in the other intervals, you might still succeed. Keep your eye on the ‘Projected’ figure and how much you’ve used ‘So Far’ during an event to adjust your usage accordingly.

Why does the graph have no data?
After you have registered Jemena undertakes a process to validate your National Meter Identifier (NMI) against our database and subsequently sets up the live data flows that feed the graph. This can take up to 3 business days from the day that you registered your details. Hence, if you have registered in the last 3 business days, your data most likely will not be live yet.

Does that mean that I can't participate in the Power Changers Challenge?
Not at all. As long as you elect to Participate in the Power Changers Challenge by accepting it in the App we will retrospectively calculate your result (once we've validated your NMI) and credit you the reward points if you keep your electricity consumption underneath the Target for the Challenge window. The only thing is you won't receive live feedback during this event. 

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